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Celotron is one of the leading manufacturers of GSM control systems. Since 1996 Celotron Oy has manufactured several different GSM- phone controllable home and industrial use M2M applications. Part of our business is also OEM manufacturing for various clients - even for our competitors. We also import and export various security sensors and other security related products that support the sales of our own systems. In the year 2004 we started to manufacture our own line of DVR systems and security cameras. Soon after, these systems were sold world wide.

 The manufacturing and daily business takes place at over 20000 square meters of modern industrial plant in Tampere, Hankkio district. Top of the class manufacturing lines and capable, long time employees here in Finland and a wide network of co-oprators in northern country´s and also in Poland & Germany, insure that Celotron Oy is capable for not only small projects but for the big ones also.

 In the late 90´s we have developed the worlds first GSM operating home automation system, called: Sonera Talonmies. Today we are the leader of our business area. We have many long term business contacts, most from the very first days of our business, still doing business with us. We are the long time business leader of GSM systems in our country.

 Our main goal is to develop the best possible solutions for our customers different needs. We always look for ways to improve energy efficiency and overall safetyof the people. We manage small and large scale projects.

 We do continuous product development and research to improve all our products. Our goal is to offer the most value for money and the newest technology in the current business. "Innovation" is our second name.                                                                      

Celotron Ltd. is a part of the Tamware Group.

Presentation of Tamware group:  PDF-File

 Tammerneon Oy´s founder, the counsellor of entrepreneurship, Markku Koskenniemi has always appreciated nature and taken care of the environmental responsibilities.

 In Tamware, Tammerneon and Celotron group, we have cherished the environmental and sustainable values for over 40 years.

 We take the environmental aspects into consideration in everything we do.

 All our products and solutions are developed and produced to meet the strict sustainability requirements.

 Our business group expertise and long time commitment for high quality and sustainable signage solutions is verified with ISO 14001:2004 environmental and ISO 9001:2008 quality certificates.

 Each employee is responsible for the environment for his/hers part and is committed to the company’s environmental goals and objectives. When possible we recycle and reuse materials. We have efficient waste management. We are constantly reducing the total quantity of waste produced in our operations with our choices. We pursue to follow The green office program to our best abilities.

 The environmental logo guarantees that this group of company´s is committed to the requirements of sustainable development.

   Celotron Oy
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   33710 Tampere
   P. +358 3 2831 555
   Hotline. +358 600-98777 -
   ( 1,5 Eur/min ) 
   Fax. +358 3 2831 500
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