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Are you interested to order products from us ?
Maby you would like to work as our product importer / re-seller in your own country ?
Well stop searching, you came to the right page !
Answer is YES: We ship and sell our products currently worldwide.
If your country does not have Celotron importer or re-seller, then we do business with you directly. However, if your country does have specialized importer, then we kindly give your details to them, so they can contact you and assist with all your needs. This way shopping is easy and convenient for you.
Our retail customers consist of: home, cabin, mobile and even industrial electrick appliance, security and surveillance product companys / installers - all over the world. For wholesale company´s we choose only the most suitable partners that are valued in the country they do business. We also keep weekly contact to our licensed importers and update with latest news / changes of our products, so the re-sellers and / or end user do not have to worry about anything.
We currently welcome all new retail and especially wholesale import customers, inquire your country now !  Email us at: info(at) or use the feedback form in the end of the page. If your country is allready taken, don´t worry, we have a special deal available with all our wholesale importers for case like that!
As an official Celotron re-seller or wholesaler, you are always one step ahead of competition. Our units pack so much intelligent features that we leave the competition miles behind. Our systems are also easier to use than any other units in the markets, we promise that ! We also give industry´s best sales support, with many different ways, just to get business succesfully started in your own country.

Our product lines cover all from the smallest sensors to the biggest multi house main line systems. We also have wide selection of measurement and adjustment tools available for videosurveillance and electric jobs. Ask for more details.
Here in Finland our products can be found from our country´s biggest household and industrial electric assembly products wholesale chains:  Onninen Ltd.,  Rexell Ltd., Elektroskandia Ltd.,  Ahlsell Ltd.,  and SLO Ltd.
Celotron products are quite affordable to the end-user, when compared to the things they can do. We claim to have best money vs. quality ratio on the business ! However, this does not mean that the importer/re-seller would not get decent profit. We adjust the margins for every country individually, depending on the status of your country´s price range in general.
Celotron GSM-alarm and control system was installed to a elder people house. The nurse got the alarm to her gsm- phone and was able to move all old people out of the building - saving the lives of 20 elder people. The nurse was located in completely other building when this happend. The building unfortunately completely burned down.
Centro and Pro Controller systems have become famous in different industrial applications. These units are used in metal and paper industry Europe wide, to inform about machine sensors and other malfunctions - this way saving thousands and thousands of pure money if and when something bad happens.
All our systems come complete with your own language warning stickers and / or your system language stickers to be used in doors, windows etc.

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